Best Dog Breeds for Families

If you have children or are thinking about having children someday, it’s good to consider the different kinds of dog breeds and how well they get along with kids. After all, dogs aren’t simply our pets, they are our confidants, our play mates and our shoulders to cry on. They will bond and grow with your children so knowing what dog breeds are best for you and your family will ensure lifelong companionship.


Choosing the Right Dog Breed

  • Bulldogs

Bulldogs are sturdy and strong. They don’t require lots and lots of exercise, because they’re relatively docile. They are patient and loyal and do well in apartment living as well as a house. The only drawback to a bulldog is that they are extremely stubborn and can be difficult to train. I would recommend that if you have small children, skip the bulldog for now. They’ll require lots of training and one on one attention. They are generally known for getting along very well with other pets and children and don’t like to be alone. They are a great breed for children as they form very strong bonds with kids.

  • Labrador Retriever

Labs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs out there. Labradors love to please their humans, they’re playful, loyal, smart and reliable. They’re also protective of their pack, which includes humans of all sizes. They love learning tricks and are always paying attention to our actions and anticipating our needs by learning our behavior.

  • Beagle

Although they can be a little more high maintenance when it comes to bathing and grooming, Beagles are a great addition to a family setting. They are friendly and loyal and energetic, in addition to being sturdy dogs. They can take whatever a child throws at them and will keep going.

  • Newfoundland

These gentle giants are sweet as can be and your family will fall in love. They can drool quite a bit and they shed a lot, but these beautiful dogs will love your family unconditionally. Unfortunately, they are not very well suited for apartment living, and like wide open spaces. They are giant, loveable furballs that will end up wherever you are asking for love and adoration.

  • Poodle

While Standard Poodles are great family pets, please keep in mind that miniature poodles are not. They are very high strung and not suitable for families with small children. Standard Poodles, on the other hand, are smart and gentle and can be great for people with allergies as they do not shed much. They are very good natured and make excellent playmates for children.

  • Corgi

Corgis are not only fuzzy and adorable, they’re patient, gentle, loyal and smart. They make excellent pets for families with children. Corgis learn quickly and are super eager to please their humans. They love to play and will even help you herd children at bedtime as they’re herding dogs.

  • Mixed Breeds

Head to your local shelter and check out a mixed breed dog for your family. You can choose a pet that matches your family’s energy level and at the same time, rescue a dog that may otherwise be facing euthanasia. Talk with your local vet and get a good feel for a shelter dog and you’re guaranteed to have a friend for life!



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