Brand yourself as a leader and break into the next level of your career

Have you ever wished you could take your budding career or lifelong accomplishments and present them to the world in a way that highlights yourself as an industry leader?

Who’s Who Professional Networking is designed to let you do just that.

Recently, we got a sneak peak of their networking platform filled with industry leaders and powerful branding tools. We were hard-pressed to find anything out there that compares to what they provide, regardless of where you are in your career.

The difference is in their approach, but we’ll come back to that.

When our friend Craig approached us about how he overcame a recent career rut, we decided to investigate. Craig had built some momentum in his career but didn’t feel like his hard work was gaining him real notoriety in his field. He wasn’t sure what to do to push his career to the next level and feared he’d soon slip into a rut of mediocrity.

“It was like I hit a plateau all of the sudden. I felt like I deserved to be recognized for my recent accomplishments, yet people weren’t noticing and I didn’t know how to make them.”

Then one day, a colleague introduced Craig to Who’s Who Professional Networking. By simply filling in a little information about himself he was able to access to a powerful network of the top 5% of industry leaders in his field.

He told us the team at Who’s Who showed him why he was stuck and taught him how to brand himself using the very same tools and techniques that Fortune 500 Companies use.

We were skeptical. It sounds a bit strange to brand yourself using the same methods as a business would, so we dug deeper…

Craig introduced us to Elizabeth, a top-ranking executive with over 25 years of experience in her field. Although people came to her when they needed to solve the toughest problems, she hardly ever selected for prestigious awards or to give speeches in her field.

“It made me wonder how I could be so successful, yet not gain widespread, industry level recognition.”

One night while online, she was searching for “professional networking service” and found Who’s Who. Once her application was accepted, she gained access to their world-class professional network and personal branding tools.

“It was the branding tools that made the difference. They were able to take my skills and accomplishments, then package them into high profile endorsements from top sources like Forbes, New York Times, etc. They were able to ignite my personal brand and finally put me on the map as an expert.”

We decided to reach out to Who’s Who ourselves and find out what really makes them different.

They helped us create an account and showed how anyone can apply for free. If you’re accepted, it means you’ll be able to directly reach out to the top 5% of performers in your field. We explored their online network, which looked like a dream team of mentors that were all waiting to help us.

It’s not just their massive network of individuals that make them phenomenal.

Who’s Who is different because they know how to brand you for massive success in the digital age. Imagine content that is engineered to put your name in front of hundreds of thousands of readers. Your name can become associated with the top brands and top leaders in your field.

A major Fortune 500 company wouldn’t skip out on actively managing their brand, why should you?

So if working with the top 5% of your industry and having a professional branding team craft you as an industry leader sounds great, then this is probably worth a look for you.

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