2018 Winter Olympics

From gold medals to political drama, the 2018 Winter Olympic Games have had us on the edge of our seats.  The highlights of week 2, as the games were wrapping up, did not disappoint. From K-Pop at the closing ceremonies to the president’s daughter arriving to ‘spread cheer’ The Games have come to a spectacular end.


Ivanka Trump

Photo Courtesy of FoxNews.com

Ivanka Trump arrived in style in Seoul, South Korea on Friday. At her father’s request, she is leading the U.S. delegation due to the fact that she has experience on the world stage. According to Donald Trump, she is “something of a winter sports enthusiast.”

Although her trip is intentionally non-political. She is in Pyeongchang strictly to cheer on the U.S. Olympians and support Korea. She will be meeting with athletes from Team USA and of course, she attended the closing ceremonies.



The Swiss men’s curling team won a bronze medal and Canada had its worst finish ever in the sport. The Switzerland team consisting of Peter de Cruz, Benoit Schwarx, Clausdio Paetz and Valentin Tanner beat Canada 7-5 on Friday, February 23. This came as a blow to the Canadian team as they’ve won the last three gold medals in curling.  The women’s Canadian team also missed the podium for the first time, although the mixed curling team did win a gold medal. This is the first time mixed curling has been added to the Winter Games.


Gold Projection Falls Short

The U.S. Olympic Committee projected Team USA to win 37 medals at the Winter Games in Pyeongchang, however the U.S. has fallen short of that goal. With 48 hours left in the games, the United States only had 21 gold medals. Team USA has placed fourth or fifth in 21 events, so they’ve had a lot of close calls.


First Gold

China set a record in the men’s 500m Short Track Speed Skating Final on the 13th day of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Wu Dajinmg set a world record with a time of 39.584 and earned a gold medal. Korea earned silver and bronze with Hwang Dae-heon’s time of 39.854, and Lim Hyo-jun’s 39.919. Canada came in fourth with Samuel Girard.


Closing Ceremonies

As the Winter Games came to a close, South Korea marked its end with a spectacular closing ceremony in Pyeongchang. Costumes, fireworks, music, children and of course the ceremonial hand over of the Olympic Flag to the next hosts all paraded through the two hour show.

Youth were the focus of much of the ceremonies, from 13 year old guitarist, Yang Tae-hwan who played a metal inspired version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to the 11 year old singing the Olympic Anthem. Oh Yeon-joon who won the South Korean version of The Voice performed the Anthem flawlessly. In addition to the many children who performed during the closing ceremony, two small children holding snow globes were featured. They were born in July 2011, the day that Pyeongchang learned that they were to be the hosts of the 2018 Winter Games.



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