Me Too, Kesha, #MeToo

Sunday’s Grammy Awards show was full of amazing performances, but the most powerful performance of the night goes to Kesha. She took to the stage with a star studded support group including Cyndi Lauper, Camila Cabello, Bebe Rexha, the Resistance Revival Chorus, Andrea Day and Julia Michaels. The women all joined Kesha in singing Praying from her most recent album titled Rainbow.



It’s a heartfelt album chronicling Kesha journey to healing after her long legal battle with her producer Dr. Luke. Lukasz Gottwald allegedly raped and sexually abused her in 2014. Gottwald denies these allegations and the judge sided with Dr. Luke and Kesha is still obligated to fulfill her contract. Rather than go quietly into the night and release another Tik Tok sounding album, she penned her pain into songs aimed directly at Dr. Luke.



Praying is the first song that Kesha has released in four years.

As the lights came on and the women on stage began singing the chorus, all of them dressed in white and many of them wearing white roses, symbolizing hope, peace, sympathy and resistance.

Kesha opened her song with the lyrics “Well you almost had me fooled, told me that I was nothing without you. And after everything you’ve done, I can thank you for how strong I have become.” The entire choir of women all dressed in white surrounding her as her voice shook with emotions.

As the women joined in the chorus, “I hope you’re somewhere praying. I hope your soul is changing. I hope you find your peace, falling on your knees, praying.” The cameras panned the audience and many were moved to tears.

Many took to Twitter and offered their support and admiration for all of the women on stage who were donning Time’s Up pins and many of whom have shared their own #MeToo stories.

As Kesha sang “I’m proud of who I am… No more monsters, I can breathe again. You said that I was done, well you were wrong and now the best is yet to come” It was not difficult to see the pain in her eyes and hear the emotions in her voice.

The most powerful moment of all came when Kesha sang  “Some say in life, you gonna get what you give, but some things, only God can forgive.” And Cyndi Lauper reached over and put her hand on Kesha’s shoulder in support and solidarity. It was a beautiful moment. Two powerful voices joined together in support of women all across the United States and beyond.

To the Women who are finding the strength to stand up and say #MeToo I’ve been a victim of sexual assault. For the women who are standing up and holding the men in their lives accountable. For the men who are standing up and holding their peers accountable by defending women and wearing Time’s Up pins. Kesha took to Twitter after the performance to thank her supporters.  “After everything you’ve done I can thank you for how strong I have become. Thank you to the @RecordingAcad, the women on stage with me tonight, and everyone who has supported me through this whole journey.”



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